Our Services

Secumarit are pleased to offer a variety of services to the maritime industry, including, but not limited to:

Ship Management System Reviews and Gap Analyses
Secumarit offer ship-owning clients and managers safety management system reviews based upon the ISM Safety Management Code. The aim of such management reviews is to help the client identify safety system gaps and recommend improvements.

Management of Change
Secumarit offer ship-owning clients and managers review services for their change management processes and procedures to ensure these are robust. As with SMS reviews, recommendations to improve the MoC polices, processes and procedures would be made should any gaps be identified.

Risk Management
Secumarit offer ship-owning clients and managers review services for their risk management and risk assessment procedures, again to identify any gaps and make recommendations for improvement.

Navigation assessment
Secumarit can provide navigation assessments during short voyages in order to assess the effectiveness of the bridge team.

Auditing to ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISPS and TMSA
Secumarit offer ship-owning clients and managers various auditing services both ashore and on-board. Secumarit auditors are trained in auditing to ISM, ISPS, ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Secumarit provide Ship Security Plan (SSP) review and services including Ship Security Assessment services and plan drafting ready for submission.

SOPEP, SMPEP, VRP, PanCan SOPEP and California Code Ch.14 Plan drafting and review
Secumarit provide SOPEP, SMPEP, VRP, PanCan SOPEP and California Code Ch.14 Plan drafting and review services on behalf of owners and managers.

Vetting preparation & Vetting Inspection Management
Secumarit provide owners and managers with a comprehensive pre-vetting management inspection system utilizing the SIRE VIQ and CDI SIR Inspection report formats to identify any flaws and make recommendations for rectification prior to any inspection. This service may extend to PSC inspections at Owners and/or managers request. Secumarit can assist in the preparation of “Owners comments” in response to any such inspection.
Secumarit promote the use of “Oceanfile” software as a means to record such inspections and produce fleet wide data to identify trends.

Regulatory Compliance
Secumarit can provide Owners and/or managers with comprehensive regulatory compliance services to ensure they stay abreast of changes in legislation.

Flag State Surveys and Inspections
Secumarit provide survey and inspection services to a limited group of IMO White-Listed Flag States based upon their inspection formats and other requirements.

Charterers Suitability Inspections
Secumarit provide inspection and vetting evaluation services to charterers wishing to evaluate ships, owners and managers being considered for potential business, including those being considered for Ship-to-Ship Transfer business.

P&I Condition Surveys
Secumarit provide members of the International Group of P&I Clubs with condition survey services utilizing the IG condition survey or bespoke formats.

Hatch tightness Surveys
Secumarit provide class-approved hatch tightness surveys as part of the P&I condition surveys or as requested by Owners and/or managers.

S&P Surveys
Secumarit provide sale and purchase condition surveys to owners.

Damage and Average Surveys
Secumarit provide damage and average survey services

Accident, Casualty Investigation & Loss Prevention Guidance
Secumarit provide Owners and/or managers with Accident, casualty and loss prevention guidance, as required.

Expert Witness
Secumarit provide Expert Witness services

CBT Technical Expert
Secumarit are consultants to leading Computer Based Training (CBT) providers.

Voluntary Environmental Compliance Audits
Secumarit can attend on board to ascertain the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System and its implementation on board.